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  • 300米碳氟线钓鱼线
  • 300米碳氟线钓鱼线
  • 300米碳氟线钓鱼线


  • 编号: CF300
  • 产品描述: 300m Fluorocarbon Coating Fishing Line 0.13mm-0.48mm 2.3LB - 10.4LB fluorocarbon fishing line Super Strong Sinking Line
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* ABRASION RESISTANCE The Power Fluoro's amazing strength allows it to withstand sudden, aggressive strikes and deliver solid hooksets for maximum castability.

* VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE The fluorocarbon's light-refractive index is nearly identical to water, makes line virtually invisible to fish in the water for a stealthy presentation, which can be used in any water conditions. 100%
* FLUOROCARBON OUTER COATING The fluorocarbon coating produces outstanding shock strength, abrasion resistance & knot strength to deliver ultimate impact strength.