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  • 金属水滴轮18+1轴垂钓鱼线轮7:1:1渔具用品海钓渔轮
  • 金属水滴轮18+1轴垂钓鱼线轮7:1:1渔具用品海钓渔轮
  • 金属水滴轮18+1轴垂钓鱼线轮7:1:1渔具用品海钓渔轮
  • 金属水滴轮18+1轴垂钓鱼线轮7:1:1渔具用品海钓渔轮


  • 编号:DW121
  • 类型:水滴轮
  • 规格:DW121R 右手,DW121L 左手
  • 产地:中国
  • 产品描述: 金属水滴轮18+1轴垂钓鱼线轮7:1:1渔具用品海钓渔轮
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+ Product Code: DW121

+ Type: Baitcaster fishing reel

+ Gear Ratio: 7.1:1

+ Models: left handed, right handed reel

+ Handle: round EVA grip knob

+ Max Drag Force: 10kg/22Lbs

+ Line Capacity: 0.26mm - 210m;  0.285mm-180m; 0.3mm - 140m

Key Features:

1. 7.1:1 Super High Gear Ratio,more faster than the normal baitcast reel.
2. 10KG/22LB Drag,strong unloading force is suitable for fishing larger fish.
3. The thickened gear body improves the wear resistance and pressure resistance of the fishing reel.
4. The 24-position adjustable linearity makes the control more flexible and convenient
5. SIC ceramic guide ring,make retracting line smoother, wear-resistant and heat-resistant, and it is not easy to damage the fishing line

6. Eva grip is more comfortable,long-term use is not exhausted.

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