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  • 全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000海钓轮纺车轮鱼线轮
  • 全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000海钓轮纺车轮鱼线轮
  • 全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000海钓轮纺车轮鱼线轮
  • 全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000海钓轮纺车轮鱼线轮
全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000海钓轮纺车轮鱼线轮全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000海钓轮纺车轮鱼线轮全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000海钓轮纺车轮鱼线轮全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000海钓轮纺车轮鱼线轮

全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000海钓轮纺车轮鱼线轮

  • 编号: FBE
  • 规格:2000、3000、4000、5000、6000、7000
  • 材质:全金属轮
  • 类型:海钓轮
  • 产品描述: 全金属渔轮FBE 2000 -7000系列海钓轮
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Product Feature:
+ Metal gear,Brass spindle,creating a stronger internal drive system,optimizing the matching of driving gear and twist stick.
+ Metal spool,bold guide line ring, alloy handle,have high quality body.
+ CNC alloy line spool:High strength without deformation
+ Powerful:From the internal full metal structure
+ Zinc alloy main gear:Heart of the reel
+ Strengthen the subject:Protect internal machinery

+ Spool Capacity:2000-7000
+ Color:Black Gold
fishing reels Capacity:
+ SIZE:FBE2000丨丨BALL BEARINGS:6+1丨丨WEIGHT:230g丨丨MAX DRAG:5.0Kg丨丨GEAR RATIO:5.0:1丨丨LINE CAPACITY:0.18mm/220m丨0.20mm/160m丨0.25mm/120m
+ SIZE:FBE3000丨丨BALL BEARINGS:6+1丨丨WEIGHT:235g丨丨MAX DRAG:7.0Kg丨丨GEAR RATIO:5.0:1丨丨LINE CAPACITY:0.20mm/180m丨0.25mm/150m丨0.30mm/120m
+ SIZE:FBE4000丨丨BALL BEARINGS:6+1丨丨WEIGHT:270g丨丨MAX DRAG:7.0Kg丨丨GEAR RATIO:5.0:1丨丨LINE CAPACITY:0.25mm/220m丨0.30mm/150m丨0.35mm/110m
+ SIZE:FBE5000丨丨BALL BEARINGS:6+1丨丨WEIGHT:280g丨丨MAX DRAG:7.0Kg丨丨GEAR RATIO:5.0:1丨丨LINE CAPACITY:0.28mm/200m丨0.33mm/150m丨0.35mm/120m
+ SIZE:FBE6000丨丨BALL BEARINGS:6+1丨丨WEIGHT:405g丨丨MAX DRAG:10.0Kg丨丨GEAR RATIO:4.7:1丨丨LINE CAPACITY:0.30mm/220m丨0.35mm/240m丨0.40mm/160m


1000-2000 is small fishing reels, recommend placing angeles rod, raft pole, small telescopic fishing rods, spinning rods
3000-5000 for sea fishing pole placement, rock fishing rods
6000-7000 for long distant throwing fishing rods. Hard heavey spinning rods