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Tips for carp fishing

Enjoy the tranquility of nature up to the relentless “run” and then spectacular drills with powerful fish. This is carp fishing. Do you fancy carp fishing and are you wondering what equipment you need, where you can catch carp and which tactic is best? Then you are in the right place, because in this clear compilation we offer you extensive information about carp fishing.

Do you want to increase your success and fish carp even better? Then you will also find useful tips for advanced users here. For example, when carp fishing is particularly promising, which carp fishing methods you should try and of course recipes for success and strategies for feeding carp.

Many anglers claim that carp fishing is a science in itself, but with a few basics and some experience on the water, it won't be long before the first weevil is hooked. So let's start with the carp fishing equipment.

Carp fishing for beginners

The occasional catch of a carp is not that difficult, but targeting and regularly pulling big carp ashore is almost a science in itself, at least if you listen to the professionals talking shop. For starters, however, you should keep it as simple as possible.

Classic carp fishing on the bottom is the most commonly practiced technique and also best suited for beginners. A float or lead assembly and a strong carp hook equipped with corn kernels is completely sufficient for catching the first carp. When you have some experience, it is also easier to refine the method. Many carp anglers swear by feeding, boilies and heavy self-hooking assemblies, but there are also many anglers who regularly catch carp and do without all these things.

Tips and tricks for carp anglers

When fishing for carp, small differences can sometimes make a big difference between a successful catch and a missed bite or no bite at all. With the self-hook assembly, the lead weight is a critical factor that decides whether the hook is fixed in the fish's mouth or at most only gets stuck for a short time. Other strategies are more successful on small bodies of water than on large bodies of water. In short, there are many tips and tricks for carp anglers so that the right solution can be found for every problem.

Why carp fishing

The carp is an excellent food fish, which also grows quickly and reaches impressive sizes. A single fish can fill the smoking barrel, which is why the carp is a popular species of fish among fish farmers and anglers.

Fishing for self-sufficiency has, however, moved more and more into the background and angling has increasingly become a sport and leisure activity. The carp is a special fish, because huge catches are possible here, but the big ones are not so easy to outsmart. The myths about big fish and their intelligence grew louder and more and more anglers fell victim to carp fever.

The developments in technology from rods, reels, and stakes to loungers, tents and other accessories made it possible for carp fishing to develop into a real trend sport in which anglers no longer had to get up early in the morning or sit on the bank all night . The complicated carp fishing has turned into adventure camping, which can even be done with the family.



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