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  • 奕宝DM系列1000-7000 全金属线杯鱼线轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮
  • 奕宝DM系列1000-7000 全金属线杯鱼线轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮
  • 奕宝DM系列1000-7000 全金属线杯鱼线轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮
  • 奕宝DM系列1000-7000 全金属线杯鱼线轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮
奕宝DM系列1000-7000 全金属线杯鱼线轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮奕宝DM系列1000-7000 全金属线杯鱼线轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮奕宝DM系列1000-7000 全金属线杯鱼线轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮奕宝DM系列1000-7000 全金属线杯鱼线轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮

奕宝DM系列1000-7000 全金属线杯鱼线轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮

  • 产品编号: DM
  • 产地:中国
  • 材质: 塑料,金属
  • 尺寸:1000/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000
  • 产品描述: 奕宝全金属线杯鱼线轮海竿轮路亚轮矶竿轮远投打黑渔轮
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  • Color: black and red
  • Style: DM1000, DM2000, DM3000, DM4000, DM5000, DM6000, DM7000
  • Material: full metal wire cup + stainless steel bearing + alloy gear wheel+Engineering nylon body and handle
  • Bearing: 12BB
  • Hand type: left rigiht interchangeable; foldable
  • Suitable: lure, rock pole, raft pole, ice fishing pole, sea pole, etc.
+ Ultra-thin body design, beautiful, light weight and convenient.
+ High strength folding arm, can be interchanged.
+ Exquisite workmanship, high-end atmosphere, organ professional spring, metal sound piece, thick cast line configuration.
+ Turdy and durable, waterproof and anti-corrosion; stainless steel bearing rotates at high speed, no jamming occurs quickly; full metal wire cup, small centrifugal force, more stable rotation.

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